People Want to Know…

“What cases do you see most often?”

That answer is easy: drug cases.

No two “drug cases” are the same. A lot of my cases are standard drug possession cases. ‘Typical’ drug cases happen when an officer stops a person for some reason, the officer gets permission to search (a topic for another blog entry), and the officer locates a baggie of drugs or paraphernalia from the person. The most common drugs I see prosecuted are heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine.

There are another category of cases that only touch on the issue of drugs. This includes charges such as theft, trespassing, identify fraud, or even violations of a protection order. For example, it is common to see someone committing a theft offense in order to obtain money or items to exchange for drugs. As another example, those with drug issues sometimes lose their place to live and are forced to stay somewhere they probably should not be. These people can end up charged with trespassing or protection order violations.

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