Criminal Defense

Hands in handcuffs on the table

Criminal Defense starts when the police begin investigating you. Police start “investigating” you when they stop your car, stop you on the street, or even without your knowledge through surveillance. If you or a loved one are under police investigation, it is important to hire a Criminal Defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights and your freedom. At McMullen Law Office, LLC, we will work with the police, when possible, to prevent charges from being filed against you.

If charges are filed, or have already been filed against you, McMullen Law Office, LLC will defend your rights against the police and the prosecution in Mayor’s Courts, Municipal Courts, and the Commons Pleas in Ohio, and the Superior and Circuit Courts in Indiana.

How do you know you need a lawyer for Criminal Defense?

Typically, you will either (1) receive a written criminal citation with a court date and you will be released and ordered to appear on that date or (2) you will be arrested and taken to the local jail for processing and holding. If you are released on your own recognizance or are able to pay bond, you will be released and can seek to retain counsel on your own. If you are not released, you may need to use a loved one to locate a Criminal Defense lawyer for you. It is important that you hire a competent Criminal Defense lawyer as soon as your are able.

If you cannot pay bond or if the court does not set bond for you or loved one, it is the policy of Criminal Defense lawyer Justin M. McMullen to meet with his incarcerated clients within twenty-four hours after being retained. Your representation will begin with a consultation where we will discuss the charges against you and begin putting together our Criminal Defense strategy.

How much does a Criminal Defense lawyer cost? Every lawyer charges fees differently. At McMullen Law Office, LLC, we will evaluate what your charges are, what court you are being charged in, and other factors to determine a fee. Typically, McMullen Law Office will not quote a fee for Criminal Defense before speaking with the Defendant, in confidence, about the pending charges.

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