Criminal Appeals

Hire a Miami Valley Criminal Appeal Attorney

In Ohio, you have to file your criminal appeal within 30 days of being sentenced. This timeline is very strict and must be followed closely. Once the criminal appeal has been filed, a good attorney is one that can quickly get a copy of your case transcripts, efficiently review those transcripts, conduct effective research, and draft briefs that clearly and concisely tell the appellate court what went wrong in your case.

Unlike a trial, a panel of judges will decide whether the trial court properly decided your case. If you believe that the trial court got your case wrong, or if your opponent appeals, you should speak to an appellate attorney immediately.

It is your appellate attorney’s job to find where there were mistakes during the trial-court level of your case. Sometimes your trial attorney may have made some mistakes in your case. So, it is a good idea to get a new attorney to review your case for appeal in many cases. If you want to speak to our office about filing a criminal appeal, please:

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